Imam Hussain (A.S) Charitable Foundation

Original name Imam Hussain Charitable Foundation
Country Canada
City Montreal
Phone +1 (514) 7373736
Fax +1 (514) 3039615
Address 8270 Mountain Sights Avenue, H4P2B7, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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  1. A weekly program every Thursday in Arabic begining with the prayer of "Komeyl" and the "Ziarat Vares" followed by a public religious lecture.
  2. Ceremonies for holy Prophet and his infallible children's (PBUT) birthday and martyrdom anniversaries.
  3. Weekly lessons of the beliefs and jurisprudence in English.
  4. "Imam Hussain (A.S)" weekly school (every Saturday) to teach Arabic, religion and the Holy Quran.
  5. Weekly religious cultural sessions for young people dealing with ideological, jurisprudential, ethical and historical topics.
  6. Distribution of publications and religious books in English and French in addition to the Arabic language.

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