The Islamic Foundation for the Promotion and Guidance

Original name  بنیاد اسلامی جهانی تبلیغ و ارشاد
Country Iran
City Qom
Phone +7741737 (251) 98+
Fax +7741737 (251) 98+

No. 9 - St. 12 - Dourshahr Ave - 3718536345 M.B - Qom - Iran

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Principal Seyyed Mohammad Ali Alavi
  1. Trainig conscious students and preacher to promote the real Islam and Ahlul-Bayt (PBUT) teachings in the world.
  2. Publication of thousands of religious books in different languages and sending them to other countries and cities for free.
  3. Issuing monthly "Sowt al-Kāẓimayn" paper.
  4. Publishing "Al Kawthar" Magazine (Arabic-English) semi-annually.
  5. Publishing "Oshagh Ahlul-Bayt" magazine meaning Ahl al-Bayt (PBUT) lovers, semi-annually in Urdu.

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