Islamic Feqh Foundation

Original name

(مؤسسه دائرة المعارف فقه اسلامی بر مبنای مذهب اهل بیت (علیهم السلام

Country Iran
City Qom
Phone +98 (251) 7739999
Fax +98 (251) 7744962

37185 3796 M.B - Golzare Shohada - Enghelab Ave - Qom - Iran

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Principal Seyyed Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi
  1. Research and publication of the important sources of Islam jurisprudence.
  2. Publication of Islamic magazines in several languages.
  3. Collecting an ecyclopedia of Shi'a jurisprudence.
  4. Investigation and codification of topics related to the Shiite jurisprudence such as the history of Islamic jurisprudence, Islamic Economics, comparative jurisprudence and so on.

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