"In the right way" Foundation

Original name  مؤسسه در راه حق
Country Iran
City Qom
Phone +98 (251) 7743221
Fax +98 (251) 7741474

No. 10 - Alley 20 - Ayatollah Marashi Najafi S.t. - 37185-137 P.B - Qom - Iran

Website darrahehaq.com
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Principal Some of Howza professors
  • Propagating Islamic culture in the society.
  • Answering to religious doubts through theoretical and practical education.
  • Publication of books ang magazines to inform the youths and children about their religion in many different languages such as Arabic, Persian, English, Russian, Turkish, Azerbaijani, Tajik, Swahili, Sindhi, Pashto and other languages

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