Azakhana Gulzar e Zainab Greece

Original name عزاخانه گلزار زینب یونان
Country Greece
City Piraeus
Phone +30 (210) 4175431
Fax +30 (210) 4175431
Address Dimitras-1 Piraeus 185 40 Greece
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Principal Mujahid Hussein Bukhari
  • The club includes Shi'a workers living in Piraeus, especially Pakistanian community working,
  • Reviving Shi'i events such as Ahlul-Bayt's (PBUT) birthday and death anniversaries.
  • Having various publications in Urdu, English and Greek, as well as translations of the shi'i books and Ahlul-Bayt's (PBUT) theology books in those languages.

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