Among the stories told, Imam Zein Al Abidin (PBUH) once talked about the worship specifications of Imam Al Mojtaba (PBUH) and said, When he used to purify and wash himself for praying, he used to shiver and become pale and yellow. He was asked, And how is that? He replied, Anyone who stands before Allah must shiver, tremble and become yellowish. Imam Al Sajjad (PBUH) continued talking about Al Mojtaba's (PBUH) reaction with the Holy Qur'an, Whenever he read O Ye Believers' he said: Here I am O Lord!

Sheikh Al Soddouk reported from Imam Al Sadek (PBUH), My father told me reporting from his father: Hassan Bin Ali (PBUT) was most and great worshiper in his times, the most person who fears Allah and the best of men. When he went to Hajj (pelgrim), he went on foot, and mostly barefooted and if he recalled death, resurrection, and path on the right way, he would cry. If he mentioned or recalled Allah, he would cry until he fell unconscious. When he used to pray, he would quiver. And if heaven and hell were mentioned he shuddered as if he were bitten by a snake or a scorpion and asked Allah for heaven and not hell.

His Morals Among People

Imam Hassan (PBUH) was renowned for being interested in people's affairs and in assisting them. It is reported that he divided his money with Allah three times and granted away his money for the sake of Allah twice.

He was also known for his great patience which assisted him to change his enemies. It is told that a Syrian once saw him on his creature and started cursing him. Imam Hassan (PBUH) did not answer back. When the Syrian finished cursing, he (PBUH) came and saluted him laughing, O ye old man! I believe that you are a stranger and I think you believe I look like someone you know. If you ask for anything, we shall give you and if you ask for guidance, we shall guide you; should you ask for goods, we shall give you; should you be hungry, we shall feed you; should you need clothing, we shall give you; should you be in poverty, we shall make you rich; if you are fleeing a danger, we shall shelter thee; should you be after something from someone, we shall help thou get it; should you change direction to our houses, we shall take you in and provide you with shelter for we have a vast estate, great reputation and plenty of money. When that heard what the Imam (PBUH) said, he started crying and said, I testify that you are the Caliph of Allah on Earth and Allah knows better where to set in his message. You and your father were the greatest of enemies to me.

People's Love to the Imam (PBUH)

People's hearts were attached to the Imam (PBUH). He was, as described by Wasel Bin Ata'a, possessed the features of prophets, and as described by others: He was second to none in terms of look and moral resemblance to the Apostle of Allah. Ibn Kathir mentioned many traits about the Imam (PBUH) which was made by people: whenever he was passing, people used to stop and clear the way for him and walk after him in order to show their respect. Moreover, he once got off his creature on the way to Mecca for Hajj, so people did.

People loved him this way, but their love was never interpreted into practical loyalty when he needed that so that to follow the Qur'an, Should you love Allah, then follow me and Allah shall love thee.
Eventually, Praise be to Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds.



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